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Exhibition - To just be

Shown to 2020-07-04


Summer is a time for recovery. Just being able to be here and now without demands makes the brain rest and recharge new energy. Take advantage of the present and enjoy! Welcome to my exhibition - To just be.

"I have such a hard time living in the present, the thoughts always fly away. Either I dream or worry about the future or I get stuck in the past. Constantly different thoughts flow through the brain. I worry about something I should not have done but the fact is that done is done and can’t be undone. And the future you know nothing about. It creates an unnecessary stress. In the present we can change our direction and feel the peace of just being. To break with the thoughts I have to work hard with my thoughts. I ask questions to myself. What do I see now, what do I feel now and what do I hear now. It makes me stop and get a silence from the chatter of my thoughts. The calm can appear. The period that is easiest for me to just be, is during the summer. This is when many musts can be released and the clock can be forgotten. During the summer I spend more time in nature and there you can just marvel at all the little creatures, plants, smells and light. Then, I’m in the present." Katarina Wos

“The past has no power over the present moment.”
Eckhart Tolle

The photographs are double exposed in the camera. I got devoted to double exposure after accidentally double-exposing an entire film. These pictures are taken with a digital camera.


1. Title: In my mind 

    Year: 2020, Aspudden in Stockholm.


2. Title: Between the space II

    Year: 2013, Stockholm.


3. Title: Window of the room

    Year: 2020, Stockholm.


4. Titel: I'm feeling

    Year: 2020, Hägersten in Stockholm.


5. Title: Under the shadow of the palm

    Year: 2019, Mallorca.


6. Title: Under the surface

    Year: 2020, Grand canaria



7. Title: Undine (Undine is mythological figure of European tradition.)

    Year: 2013, Mariatorget in Stockholm.


8. Title: Summer melody

    Year: 2013, Aspudden in Stockholm.


9. Title: Stop now

    Year: 2020, Liljeholmen in Stcokholm.

Katarina_Wos_Öppna_och _se_konstfoto
Katarina_Wos_Öppna_och _se_konstfoto_N8E9565

10. Title: Open and see

     Year: 2020, Stockholm.


11. Title: Strips of the sun

      Year: 2019, Mallorca.

About Katarina Wos

My name is Katarina Wos. I was born in Stockholm in 1980. I studied photography at Kulturama, Sweden and in Poland at ASP in Gdansk.

I am a happy photo crazy photographer who has a hard time stopping myself when I start to photograph. I have now taken over 10,000 portraits and I often hear that I have great patience.

I have always liked to photograph people and still do, but during my maternity leave I hadn't time to book portrait sessions. Then I began to explore the nature and surroundings around me. I challenged myself and chose the most boring thing I could think of. It was trees. It fit well during my stroller walk. The more I photographed trees, more I started to love trees. Nature is the best place to find peace and well-being in.

Photo: Tommy Eriksson

How I started with double exposure in the camera

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"I won the daydream in the spring and was so happy! The picture conveys what I love so much about Aspudden, the greenery, the beautiful houses and the gentle light. Thanks Katarina Wos" Agneta Eriksson

"Katarina Wos is an amazing artist who touches me deeply when expressing herself in her double-exposed photographs. I always find something to buy!

When I was at an exhibition with photographs of Katarina Wos, which had to do with pregnancy and toddler time, I fell into tears, she showed in her pictures exactly what I experienced and felt.

I find that Katarina Wo's compositions are beautiful and exciting, I can still find new details that make me not tired of the motifs! "Helena Svensson

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